Estepona, baby!


(BMI Baby joke – every advert or information notice in the plane ended “…, baby! Amazing the things you notice when you’re trying to distract yourself).

A bit delayed I know but just got Internet access. Expect a post about my crazy first week soon though, but for me who hates flying, the journey itself is worth mentioning.

After 3 hours of sleep and leaving my home at silly o’clock, I left for Spain squashing as much as my belongings as possible in various bags. I hadn’t even left the country before mine (and my Dad’s) greatest relief – the suitcase weighing within the limit! Then for a teary eyed moment (I’m not ashamed to admit) saying goodbye to my parents.

The second greatest relief for an anxious flyer like myself was landing in Malaga airport after a fairly decent flight! Though it was crazy listening to all the holiday makers planning their seven/fourteen day holidays when 366 days laid before me.

My sisters are staying with me for a holiday – what’s better than having a sister who lives 30 seconds from the beach? … “A daughter living 30 seconds from the beach”, my parents might argue. :P. After settling in and catching up on a bit of sleep – the first proper siesta – I took my sisters out for lunch, and then later for dinner (a special one for my sister’s birthday). However, by the second day, I have already introduced them to my favourite dining places mentioned in ‘Only a Tourist’. Yes, they were a huge success. But I feel it’s time to discover more places around Estepona. Perhaps a case of so much food… just enough time?

So now, while my sisters plan the rest of their holiday, I prepare for my first day at work tomorrow (Monday 1st August). It is brilliant to have them here for the familiarity, the comfort of English and, of course, for the awkward moments when you can’t get into your flat!


About mam366

3rd year student of International Business and Spanish at the University of Warwick recording events and thoughts from my 366 days in Estepona, Spain. The compulsory year abroad is an opportunity for a year's work experience, personal growth and development, and most importantly, improving my knowledge of the Spanish language.

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