Table for one & a generous drink.


It has been a very mixed week.  It was only a matter of time before home sickness kicked in.  And oh, has it hit.

English dialling tones, chunky chips and TV that isn’t dubbed – it truly is the little things that you miss!  Oh and on top of that… the people, of course!

Work keeps me busy during the week.  Writing up proposals, making sales and my mind’s constant translation into Spanish – a brilliant distraction, and a good use of time!  10.30 coffee breaks are a highlight to get that morning kick, soak up some Spanish – and I’ve always wanted to have a ‘usual’, even if it is my daily ‘cafe con leche’.

As I become settled in Spain, routines form, even with TV.  My second year at uni was a blur of Friends episodes, but this year a dramatic Spanish ‘telenovela’ followed by ‘Bob Esponja’ (Spongebob Square Pants), The Davincibles and ‘Sexo en Nueva York’ (Sex and the City) is all part of life in Spain! 😛

Though, home sickness really kicks in when you treat yourself to a meal out and the waitress asks ‘Una?’ – and yes, you that you do in fact want a table for one and yes, you are alone.  Now this didn’t seem like it would be big deal.  However I don’t know whether it’s the fact that it’s tourist season so everyone is eating with their families or friends or because generally in England, I usually eat out with friends or family, but eating out alone really emphasises the home sick feeling.  Oh England!

HOWEVER, Spain is still providing me with happier topics to write about in this blog (luckily – no matter how home sick I am, I’m still being sure to make the most of Spain!!)  The port is the hub of entertainment/nightlife in Estepona.

Just a few things about an Estepona night out:

  • Drinks are expensive, but with generous servings of alcohol at the same time
  • Happy hour is 8-9
  • After 9, bars are deserted while Spaniards eat, and they return much later
  • The Spanish enjoy Pitbull and J-Lo… a lot
  • Vodka caramelo is one of the nicest shots that you can get post-meal
  • Spain rains at night but you never realise in the morning
  • Restaurants/cafes stay open so a late night, freshly baked pizza is available for all

The rest is to be experienced yourself.

For now, a magnum and a dubbed movie wait for me as I enter my first of twelve months in Spain.

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