Studying International Business and Spanish has offered me the opportunity of a compulsory year abroad.  Unlike typical ERASMUS destinations of Madrid or Barcelona, my work placement has led me to Estepona on the Costa del Sol, in the south of Spain.  Despite the variety of media with which to record my year abroad, my reasons for choosing a blog were three-fold.

Firstly, from a young age, I’ve enjoyed and pursued creative writing; however, my university life leaves little time for this.  So during my year abroad, when I will hopefully have an abundance of time and inspiration, I hope to develop and maintain a thoughtful and interesting account of life in Spain.

Secondly, it will help account for the 366 days in Spain that I will eventually have to report back to University!

And finally, I hope it will benefit those who stumble across it should they have Google-d ‘Estepona’, provide those students still working hard at uni with some insight into a year abroad and lastly, and probably most likely, to fuel someone’s procrastination!

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