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Networking – I can’t remember a time without it!  Well, without a social network that is — My life has had that blue and white mark of Facebook all over it for the last… 4 years (although it does seem like forever!)

Networking, in the professional sense, has become an important concept in life and business.  You can’t go a week in uni without hearing about some sort of career networking event.  And everyone knows the importance of contacts!  So much so that you find you have a Facebook account, Twitter account and Linked In account – at the very least.

On Wednesday, I attended my first networking event in Marbella, Spain, and not as a student, but representing the company I’m working for.

This particular event was a Tweetup, which is basically a group of Twitter users meeting up.  This was quite a small one in comparison to some events that are so big that they have screens up so everyone can see the live Twitter feeds!

Marbella is really nice so being able to spend a Wednesday night in the outdoor bar of this classy bar/restaurant with some REALLY successful people added a welcome touch of glamour to my week!

This event was slightly more informal than other networking events but it was still a great opportunity to chat with different people, exchange a few business cards and receive some wise advice from those with much more experience.

It was also a brilliant opportunity to meet some great characters – a woman who had worked in some of the best cities all over the world, a blogger who attended so many of these events and a social media and sales guru etc.

It was a really good event and with some really cool people.  I would love to go again!

Representing at Tweetup Marbella

Oh, and our photo is going to be in a Marbella magazine… nice!  Standard night in Marbella.

That’s all for this week – fingers crossed I’ll be reporting back many more events! 🙂